Milena Dzhelyova

   Postdoctoral Researcher




University of Louvain (UCL)
Institute of research in Psychology (IPSY)  
Institute of Neuroscience (IoNS)
10, Place du Cardinal Mercier
1348 Louvain-La-Neuve \ Belgium

Tel : +32 10 47 47 51
Email :



Research Interests

My research interests focus on face perception and particularly on social attributions. During my PhD, I have investigated attributions of cooperation and trustworthiness. Cues related to these traits are provided by different sources of information: facial characteristics, behavioural information, reputation, and previous experience. In particular occasions this information could be conflicting. My PhD project was focused on which facial aspects people use to form these attributions and how a conflict between different sources of information is resolved. I have used behavioural and neurophysiological methods.

More recently, I have been fascinated by the steady state visual evoked potentials (SSVEP) as a technique to investigate perception and attention. Currently, I am interested in exploring the advantages of SSVEP in studying face perception and social attributions.



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